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Social Media for Nonprofits: Be a Little More Social!

Back in March Chris Sulham (a developer here at Velir) and I had the pleasure of attending the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s workshops in Albuquerque, NM. The workshops were being held on behalf of the KIDS COUNT grantees — grant recipient organizations that raise public awareness and accountability for the welfare of children through the KIDS COUNT data book, the KIDS COUNT Data Center (powered by Velir’s DataCenter technology), and their own individual missions.

I had the opportunity to lead a lecture and discussion on social media strategy with Laura Speer, Associate Director for the Annie E. Casey Foundation. I captured most of the presentation and it is available to watch below — unfortunately I had to disconnect my laptop during the presentation to give control of the projector to someone else, and recording cut out at that point.

Would love to hear people’s input, feedback, and questions in the comments, especially from the grantees — it was so great seeing you all again!

One Response to "Social Media for Nonprofits: Be a Little More Social!"

  1. Patrick, this is awesome! There’s only about 280,000 Facebook users in Uganda, out of a population of 33 million, but there’s definitely a ton of buzz, at least in the software development community in Kampala, for businesses and organizations to leverage these tools, and why it’s so important! I can’t wait to share this with my colleagues to add to the queue of presentations I’ve been giving about basic Internet and web concepts! Thanks for sharing this resource and others from the workshop on the Velir blog!

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